Anders HCC is located Georgia.  The owner is a RN with 12 years of experience. April documents are the bedside is has proficiency with multiple electronic medical software applications that include: Powerchart,  Epic,  McKesson, Homecare Homebase (HCHB), Consolo, On Target, HPMS, AllScripts and Brightree.  Anders HCC believes that documentation at the bedside is an integral part of compliance with state and federal regulations. Not enough time is afforded to properly train nurses.  Anders HCC documentation techniques, tools and strategies align perfectly with standards "paints a clear picture" of the patient, reducing saving the consumer time, and money.


Anders HCC mission is to provide high quality, cost effective services to consumers through utilization of CMS guidelines and ACHC standards.  Anders HCC is dedicated to assisting consumers through a successful accreditation, by assessments, recerts and supervisory visits utilizing proper documentation and education to Hospice patients and Medicaid clients with their expert processes.  Your success is important!


Anders HCC core values are:

1) Integrity

2) Excellence

3) Value

4) Determination

5) Success